Tricks for Playing Merge Dragons! (+Fast ways to earn Gems)

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Merge Dragons! is a mobile game for Android and iOS gadgets that takes you to a mysterious land with dragons, enchanted things and malice “Zomblins,” which you can crush so as to recover the land. You can recover land by coordinating (or consolidating) things in gatherings of three. The game is part coordinate 3, section puzzle, and part gathering/city-working, as you additionally have a base camp where you can gather dragons and different things, update them, and plan out your territory.

In spite of the fact that the gameplay is truly shortsighted from the start, a great deal can be disregarded in case you’re not mindful. Here’s 10+ tips to assist you with having the best experience playing Merge Dragons!

Download Merge Dragons! for Android and iOS.

1. Merge Everything!

Basically everything in the game can be merged; from dragons, coins and gems, down to the stars you win in the wake of beating an objective in a level. Consolidating consistently prompts a higher score/more excellent outcome, so merge all that you can in the game to perceive what you can find and gather!

2. Merge 5 Instead of 3

Consolidating 5 rather than 3 consistently yields better outcomes!

Blending 5 rather than 3 consistently yields better outcomes!

Discussing combining, did you realize that you can merge things in bunches of 5, rather than just groups of 3? Consolidating 5 items prompts twofold the yield; for example on the off chance that you merge 5 clovers, you’ll get 2 life blossoms, rather than consolidating 3 clovers to get 1. It’s in every case best to spare your things for a 5-way merge, on the off chance that you can.


3. Use Merge Dragons! Generator To Earn More Gems

when you’re broken you definitely will need some free gems, you can easily top up your merge dragons account using Merge Dragons! Generator without any humain verification needed !

4. Ranch Bricks by Harvesting Rocks

I have two of my greatest dragons reaping for blocks here!

I have two of my greatest dragons reaping for blocks here!

Blocks are very convenient in the game-this money can be utilized to purchase chests, which contain increasingly valuable articles for your camp, and structures, which permit you to hold more dragons (and assist them with resting quicker), hold more coins, or more blocks. So as to get the most measure of blocks rapidly, drop your dragons on any stones in the game to gather.

At that point, much the same as everything else, keep on combining the blocks by 5. You can wind up with incredible block stones, which will surrender you to 25,000 blocks after tapping!

5. Homestead Coins by Harvesting Fruit

Much like the stones in the game, coins can be picked up by collecting natural product trees. Coins are utilized to purchase more dragons and structures. At the point when you drag a dragon onto a natural product tree, they’ll recover a bit of organic product (pears, bananas, grapes, raspberries, and so forth.).

Merge 5 bits of foods grown from the ground increase an irregular measure of modest enchantment coins (worth 1 coin) or potentially a bronze coin (worth 4 coins). Once more, merge these coins to prompt the Magic Gem of Life-worth 25k coins.

6. Burn through All Bricks and Coins Before Playing a Level

While you’re on your camp, you can go over your edge for mint pieces and blocks (for instance, on the off chance that you just have 300 block stockpiling and increase 350 worth of block the rest of the block will fall onto a heap some place in your camp for you to gather later). Nonetheless, in case you’re outside of the camp, in one of the levels, any entrance mint pieces or blocks can not be gathered and will essentially be squandered.

As you find a workable pace in the game, you can truly increase a great deal of blocks and coins by blending and collecting things, so don’t squander them by having a full stockpiling. Ensure you get some dragon eggs, chests, or structures before you leave camp, so you can most extreme your assortment potential in the levels!

7. Play Levels to Gain More Coins/Bricks

This obliges the last tip, yet you can cultivate coins and blocks also by playing levels with bunches of organic product trees or stones. You can cultivate coins in Totem Shire 2 and stone in Quarry 8, or some other level with a sufficient measure of room to collect bunches of mint pieces/blocks and afterward merge.

8. Replay Levels for More Prizes

I’ve replayed this level a few times and now my next prize is an important Dragon egg home!

I’ve replayed this level a few times and now my next prize is a significant Dragon egg home!

You might not have seen, yet in the event that you replay levels, you can win more prizes! A portion of the starting levels are very simple to do, just require 1 cup of stamina, and can give you uncommon prizes like an egg homes (also any currencies or blocks you may gather too!).

9. Divert Your Dragons on the Camp

At the point when your dragons wake up, they will have their very own brain and begin collecting your most reduced level things. Essentially drag them to what you need them to reap, or tap on them to get them quit collecting. Try not to let them squander their vitality gathering something you needn’t bother with them to reap!

10. Spare Your Dragon Gems!

It might be enticing to utilize them for stamina or to wake up dragons, however spare the purple gems. They can be utilized for some things later on in the game, and you’ll need the greatest number of as you can have. Oppose utilizing them, and spare them for the greater Dragon Chests, which contain uncommon prizes.

11. Take Dragon Stars Back to Camp

At the point when you’re playing a level and get a purple Dragon Star, don’t tap it! Rather, finish the level and take it back to Camp with you, where you can spare it to merge with other Dragon Stars. Merge 3-5 of them, and you’ll get a Magnificent Dragon Star, which you can tap 10-12 times for Dragon gems!

12. Sell Some Dragon Chests for Coins

It might be enticing to spend purple gems on these, yet sell them for gold coins!

It might be enticing to spend purple gems on these, yet sell them for gold coins!

A portion of the Dragon Chests do not merit spending your jewels on-to be specific the Dragon Egg Chest, the Radiant Egg Chest, or the Dragon Nest Vault. While you may believe it’s enticing to open these sparkly chests-don’t go through a gigantic measure of gems to open them, as the prizes might be things like eggs and little articles which you can purchase utilizing coins and blocks (which are far simpler to acquire than the Dragon Gems).

You can likewise sell the Dragon Chests and get a conventional measure of coins (somewhere in the range of 40 to 100 coins)!

13. Look out for Secret Levels

There are mystery levels shrouded all through the game guide!

There are mystery levels shrouded all through the game guide!

There are a couple of mystery levels on the guide, which can fundamentally just be found by tapping around on the guide. Obviously, you can cheat and discover a rundown of all them here, however I suggest simply tapping around and discovering them completely all alone!

14. Possibly Merge Dragons at the Camp When They Have Used All Their Stamina

Try not to merge these little folks until they’ve done everything they can in the camp!

Try not to merge these little folks until they’ve done everything they can in the camp!

At the point when you’re at the camp and begin incubating new dragon eggs, you’ll notice that you will get warnings to merge them on the correct hand side. In spite of the fact that it might be enticing to merge them quickly after observing the warning, hold up until the dragons have utilized all their stamina (and are making a beeline for the dragon home) before blending them; the recently merged dragon will have full stamina, and you can utilize them again to reap things!

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